Volunteer Here! Garden Tasks List

Volunteer here!    Fulfill your Gardener “4 hour work ” time to maintain the garden site. 

Bring a friend and share the outdoors plus get some garden maintenance work done.  Introduce someone to the South Hadley Community Garden and we can arrange a guided tour to share the visual green story of how the garden began, the variety of crops  grown – veggies, flowers and fruit trees.

 The 2020 Garden Task list will be prepared during the winter planning meeting held in February.

This is a newly created chart  which will detail each garden task, how often task is performed, approximately how many volunteers needed, time required to do the task and comments section!

Thanks for your volunteer efforts……this makes the garden look good!

Sample of tasks to be done:

  • Mowing the front grass along Rt 47
  • Mowing the grass in the middle common meeting area
  • Weeding the front flower garden
  • Weeding pathways and other areas of the garden in need of weeding
  • Laying and updating paper and wood chips along garden pathways
  • Hose maintenance
  • Help to install rabbit prevention fencing
  • Garden tools and wagon maintenance and upkeep