Info about New & Returning Gardeners’ Orientation

  Orientation for New and Returning Gardeners

Schedule for 2020- generally the first Saturday in May

  • Please remember: orientation is mandatory part of your garden plot agreement. Orientation is really informative about the workings of the garden and how to get the best gardening experience!
  • note: soil testing available by Master Gardener at Orientation

Workdays:  to be scheduled with tasks prioritized! On the list is rabbit fencing installation, mulching of pathways.

 Bring your expertise, enthusiasm and maybe a friend or two to help!

*Reminder:  Orientation and workday (or other service to the garden) are part of the gardener agreement to maintain the common garden grounds: for example: mulch pathways, weed flower beds, strawberry patch and fence line, and organize garden tools and wagons.

This work contributes to the beauty of the garden site, and also to the organizational pattern of the 46 plots and food pantry garden area.

Workdays are a fun, outdoor activity.  You will meet other gardeners and have the opportunity to share gardening tips!

Gardener Orientation Pictures taken on Saturday May 2, 2016 !


IMG_1965 IMG_1963








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