Application and Rules

Notice to all Gardeners:

GRO South Hadley Community Gardens will be accepting applications for the upcoming 2021 growing season. 

 If you are a returning gardener, submit your application immediately in order to be guaranteed your same plot as last year. 

If you are a new gardener, please submit your application by April 30, 2021. 

The application and all the information about our community garden is located at the website:

Apply for a 2021 garden plot and pay plot fee through the Town of South Hadley website Recreation Department page :

Detailed instructions to navigate the application process are posted on the Recreation Department page.

Revised March 30, 2018 for the growing season 2021
Application and Rules
Notice to all Gardeners:
GRO South Hadley Community Garden will be accepting
applications for the upcoming 20201 growing season.
If you are a returning gardener, submit your application
immediately in order to be guaranteed your same plot as last
If you are a new gardener, please submit your application by
April 30, 2021.
The application for and all the information about our
community garden is located here. Download at:
(go to Pages: Application and Rules)

Revised March 30, 2018
Rules and Policies Version 2021
1. Gardeners must be residents of South Hadley.
2. Gardeners must view the garden orientation film at: ( under Pages tab) prior to beginning the
gardening season.
3. Plot Fees and Assignment:
The fee for a community garden plot is $20 for the growing year if you are a new
gardener. The plot fee for a returning gardener is also $20 provided the returning
gardener has completed the 4-hour work requirement for the prior gardening year. If
the work requirement has not been met, the plot fee is $40 for the current year. A
gardener, new or returning, may elect to be released from the 4-hour work requirement
by paying the $40 fee up front.
Note: Plot refunds will be given to gardeners who need to withdraw from their plot before April
30 of the gardening year.
Plots will be assigned based upon the following: Returning gardeners may reserve the
same plot from the prior gardening year provided they pay for their plot no later than the
last day of February. If the plot is not paid by the last day of February, the garden board
has the right to assign the plot to a new gardener. Plot assignments for both new and
returning gardeners close as of the end of April of the current season. Returning
gardeners may request a second plot when filing their application. New gardeners may
request second plots which will be awarded at the discretion of the Garden Board and
based upon availability once returning gardeners’ requests have been met.
Second Plots will be awarded as of May 1st of the current season with second plot
payments due no later than May 15. Every effort will be made to award second plots
that will adjoin the first plots based upon the number of plots that remain open as of
April 30th. No more than 2 garden plots may be awarded to the same person except at
the discretion of the Garden Board after June 1. The fee for the second plot will be the
same as for the first plot, which is $20 (with 4-hour work requirement), or $40 (opting
out of work requirement). For gardeners who accept the 4-hour work requirement on
plot #1, the work requirement attached to a gardener’s second plot is reduced to 2
hours (6 hours in total for 2 plots).
Revised March 30, 2018 for growing season 2021
Additional Plots: If plots remain open after June1 and assignment of requested second
plots has been met, the assignment of additional plots will be at the discretion of the
Garden Board. Payment of the additional (3rd) plot fee will be $20 and there is no work
requirement attached to this additional (3rd) plot.
4. Gardeners are required to keep the pathways in front of assigned plot(s) clear of
weeds/ debris and covered with wood chips. This requirement is not part of the 4-hour
work commitment which is devoted to the general maintenance of the community
gardens grounds.
5. Carry in / Carry out: There are no trash barrels at the gardens. Whatever
disposable items you bring with you to the gardens, you must take away.
6. Safety Issues:
a. Be aware that poison ivy is present on the perimeter of the community garden
property. Exercise caution.
b. Bees are common at the gardens. Most do not sting. Use Caution.
c. Smoking is prohibited on the Community Gardens property.
d. Tripping hazards. Watch out for garden implements improperly left on pathways.
Plot Rules:
7. Plots can be shared as long as one individual is on record as responsible for the plot.
All gardeners are expected to limit their work / use to the plots for which they have paid
the appropriate fees and have been assigned.
8. If a gardener is not able to maintain his/her plot, he/she may elect another gardener
to use and maintain it for the current season, however, the garden board needs to be
notified of this change.
9. If a gardener doesn’t work his/her plot before May 31, every attempt will be made to
contact the gardener to remedy the problem. If the problem is not remedied, the garden
board reserves the right to reassign the plot.
10. Gardeners are to keep their plots weeded and neat. Weeds must be placed in the
designated compost area. Unsightly and unkempt plots become a nuisance to other
gardeners. Should this become the case, attempts will be made to contact the gardener
Revised March 30, 2018 for growing season 2021
of the plot to remedy the situation. If the situation persists for more than 15 days, the
garden board reserves the right to till under the offending plot and deny future plot
membership to the owner.
11. Tall and Vining Plants: plants which spread should be planted in the middle of your
space. Plant tall crops where they will not shade neighboring plots. Dwarf Sunflowers
only. Plants that spread out as they grow should be at least 18 inches from the edge of
your plot – (tomatoes, peppers, etc.).
12. Pick only your own crops unless given permission by another plot’s renter .
Unauthorized picking from a garden will result in loss of garden privileges.
13. All spring, summer, and winter crops must be harvested and plant residue disposed
of by the first weekend in November. All vegetation around over wintering crops must be
removed by this time as well.
Note: Garden equipment / implements to remain at your plot through the winter months
must be placed in the center of your plot. Leave items at your own risk.
14. Water will be provided through a faucet and hose system. Water should be applied
to your rented space only. Faucets MUST BE turned off and hose returned to rack.
(Best garden practice is to water at the base of plants, not leaves / stems.)
15. Fertilization and Pest Control: Apply ONLY organic products to your individual plot. If
you have any questions concerning certain products, please contact one of the garden
managers / GRO Board Members.
16. Care should be given when bringing children to the garden to insure they do not
enter and disturb other peoples’ plots.
17. No pets are allowed inside the Community Garden area or allowed to run loose on
the Community Garden property.
18. No grass clippings can be brought onto the site by anyone at any time.
19. Disrespectful or abusive language, or destructive behavior can result in immediate
loss of all gardening privileges, and forfeiture of any crops remaining in the ground..
Revised March 30, 2018 for growing season 2021
20. I understand that neither Gro South Hadley nor owners of the land (Town of South
Hadley) are responsible for my actions.
GRO South Hadley Community Garden Board:
Dominique Delauriers, President
Wayne Desroches , Treasurer
Suzanne Paris, Secretary, Website / Publicity

Committee members: Doris Dubois, Margaret Sullivan

Contact the Board with questions, comments, concerns: