Ask the Master Gardeners

As you plan your garden plot, direct any questions such as what disease resistant types of plants to grow, companion planting or square foot gardening to the Masters!

Master Gardeners Soil Testing

Special Event: SOIL TESTING 

2020 date in May to be announced


Bring 1 cup of a soil sample to the South Hadley Community Garden and your gardening  questions.


Master Gardeners’ Demonstration Garden


Master Gardeners' Demonstration Garden


Answers to questions are contained in the attachments at bottom of page!

Answers to previous questions:

How do I become a Master Gardener?  Join the 2015 Master Gardener Training Program! Information and application at:
Food Pantry Gardening Guide – for those starting a garden
Lettuce Bitterness – causes and what to do about it
Rust Spots Tomatoes – find out what’s causing your leaves to die
Tomato Blight – proactive treatment of tomato blight Serenade Garden Image
Tomato Hornworm – what to watch for and how to treat it