Summer 2023

South Hadley Community Garden

GRO – Garden and Resident Outreach


SHCG GRO    2023

  1. Garden will open in May per Town of South Hadley guidelines
  2. Carry in – Carry Out Policy

Garden does not have trash receptacles. Bag and carry trash or planting containers and dispose in your home trash, this includes any face masks or gloves.

  1. Cleaning/ Sanitizing/Disinfecting

New Garden rules and safety protocol regarding Covid-19

Gardeners to wear gloves and sanitize/disinfect any “common” article or implement

ie. If you use wheelbarrow or wagon, please clean handles

  1. Social Distancing

Gardeners will maintain 6 foot distance

Upon arriving, if someone is working in plot next to yours, ask when they will be done and then start your gardening later, or come back another time

  1. Tools

Small hand tools will not be distributed for common use. Please bring your own & clean each time after use. If your need tools, please contact SHCG for help.

  1. Water & hoses

The water will be turned on in May, hoses will be put out for common use.

Bring water cans or containers to water your plantings.

Please wear gloves to turn on/off spigots/faucets and clean afterwards.  

  1. Gates

Gates will be closed at end of day. You may leave gates open during the daytime hours so there is less need to clean the handles. Last person out is requested to clean gate handles. Wear gloves.  

8. Port-a-Potty at Parking lot / Trailhead.

Please refer to following website for further information:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the garden safe for all gardeners.

Happy and Safe Growing Season!


JULY 2021 Thank you John Wojciechowski for your work on the Line trimmer machine……a mouse nest was discovered (the source of engine overheating) and full maintenance was performed for free. What great ‘friends of the garden’ we have!

5/18/2021 Special thanks to Rocky’s Ace Hardware for window screen material donation! Specific usage: cover ventilation opening on tool shed to keep wasps out!

“Local Garden supply stores” list on Gardener’s Resource page.

Spring Planting Guide / Seed starting on Gardener’s Resource page, from Old Farmer’s Almanac 2021



2021 Meeting Schedule: to be announced

All Residents and Gardeners are invited to attend to attend monthly meetings.

*Meeting Location:  South Hadley Police Department, Community Room.

Note: All regular meetings are held the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise noted.

SHCG GRO Committee Members 2021

President / Chairperson – Dominique Deslauriers
Vice President / Co-Chairperson –
Secretary – Suzanne Paris
Treasurer –  Wayne Desroches

Other Committee Positions / Members
Full Circle Garden Manager- Sue Brouillette

Garden Manager –
Public Relations – Suzanne Paris
Committee members:  Doris Dubois, Margaret Sullivan

Subcommittee:   Garden Maintenance/Google web – Larry Dubois
Permaculture- Suzanne Paris

Past President and Consultant: Wayne Desroches

*please read: “Idea for Strategic plan for community garden” by Katie Lake and participate in the garden’s future.

2018 UPDATED New and Returning Gardener Orientation Vimeo  — Watch this presentation for great garden info!!!

Garden location – Google Maps

Invasive Plant Informational Video